Exlan News
■ 2013.09.02update
Japan Exlan Co., Ltd., and TOYOBO SPECIALTIES TRADING CO., LTD. exhibit at the International Textile Fair “Preview in SEOUL 2013″

Toyobo Group companies—Japan Exlan Co., Ltd., and TOYOBO SPECIALTIES TRADING CO., LTD. (Toyobo STC)—will be participating at the “Preview in SEOUL 2013″ textile fair event held in Seoul, Korea.

1. Dates

September 4 (Wednesday) through September 6 (Friday) 9:00am to 6:00pm

2. Location

COEX Hall-B, Booth C04 COEX, 159 Samseong Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, 135-731 KOREA

3. Theme “Everything! TOYOBO”

Exhibiting the Toyobo Group’s textile products for comfortable apparel worn in all the year’s seasons, including variations of functional fabric for fall/winter clothing made from special “EXLAN®” acrylic fibers and fabrics with a cool feeling created by Toyobo STC based on sport-comfort science.

4. Products Emphasized for Promotion

Eks® Ag+
Integrating a moisture absorbing function with the anti-bacterial power of silver ions, Eks® Ag+ fibers generate heat without stuffiness, and their combined functions have the effect of keeping your skin feeling clean, dry, and comfortable.

The use of ultra-micro-acrylic 0.5 decitex fibers enables the creation of fabric with an extremely soft and smooth feel. It also features an appealing lightness, and it is processed to give it superior pilling resistance.

CERAM is a material produced by incorporating far infrared radiation ceramics into acrylic fibers with advanced injection technology. Because it is not post-processed, it retains its warming function even after laundering.

Ginsekai is a photocatalytic bacteria-eliminating fiber that incorporates silver ions in acrylic fiber to achieve both bacteria elimination effectiveness and safety. Because it is not post-processed, it offers outstanding durability, and its functional performance is not affected by laundering.

A special two-layer fiber with a cotton core wrapped in a micro-acrylic fiber.

A special two-layer fiber with an acrylic fiber core wrapped in cotton.

Type- F
This is a completely new kind of composite fiber created by using a new-generation spinning process to integrate short and long fibers in a dominance combination. The short fibers of the inner layer are almost completely covered by the long fibers of the outer layer, producing an outstanding feeling of comfort when in contact with your skin, and it is particularly appropriate for use during hot seasons when you are sweating.

A special combination of flat filaments and short filaments makes this functional fiber generate a strong feeling of coolness when you touch it.