Exlan News
■ 2013.09.17update
Japan Exlan Co., Ltd. exhibits high-function acrylic fiber at the “EXPOFIL” Fiber and Yarn Exhibition in Paris

Japan Exlan Co., Ltd. (Japan Exlan) (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan) is a Toyobo Group*1 company engaged in manufacturing and marketing EXLAN® acrylic fibers and acrylate fiber materials. In the aim of developing a business in the European market, Japan Exlan will be participating at the “EXPOFIL” fiber and yarn exhibition being held in Paris, France, for the first time.

*1. Toyobo Co., Ltd., was founded as Japan’s first large-scale, private-sector spinning company. Based on the wide range of technologies that it has developed over its history of about 130 years of operations, Toyobo’s objective is to be “the category leader continuing to create new value that contributes to society in the environment, life science, and high-function product fields.” To realize this objective, the Toyobo Group is working to contribute to global society through becoming a “strong company,” characterized by growth potential and stability, and wants to accelerate its drive to expand its overseas operations and continue to be a company that creates new technologies and products.

1. Dates

September 17(Tuesday) through September 19(Thursday), 2013 9:00am to 18:30pm(Local times)

2. Location

Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte 95975 Roissy Charles de Gaulle Cédex, Paris, France

3. Theme “Beyond your imagination: The EXLAN Fiber”

We will propose our high-function acrylic fiber which goes beyond our customers’ imaginations.

4. Products Emphasized for Promotion

Eks® Fiber Excelling in Moisture Absorption and Heat Dispersal
Eks® fiber absorbs what is called “insensible perspiration,” which is constantly emanating from the human body (in the form of steam) but is invisible and, thereby, keep the air inside garments dry. At the same time, this fiber convert the kinetic energy of the steam it absorbs to heat energy and, thereby, maintain comfortably warm temperatures inside garments even in cold winter environments. In Japan, fabrics made from Eks® are in wide use in such garments as underwear, socks, and sweaters.

Gokui® Super Extra Fine Fiber
Gokui® is the finest acrylic fiber for spinning use in the world. This extremely fine 0.5 decitex fiber (with a diameter of seven micrometers) makes it possible to create textile that are thinner, lighter, and softer to the touch than any other. In addition, Gokui® features excellent dyeing properties and ease of care as well as superior piling resistance (anti-piling properties).

Japan Exlan will make suggestions and proposals for using specialty products like Eks® and Gokui® as ‘Key Devices Materials’ for making better quality textile products. In the aim of providing solutions to a wide range of customers, including apparel companies, GMSs*2, and SPAs*3, we believe that out specialty functional fibers and supply chains in Asia will contribute our customers to create innovative products.

*2. GMS: General merchandise stores
*3. SPA: Specialty store retailers of private label apparel