Our Business Philosophy:
Exlan, through its continued efforts to nurture personnel and develop technologies,
will supply products which benefit people and environments.
Our Business Goal:
To be the Worldwide Acrylic-Industry Professionals
Japan Exlan Co., Ltd., started in 1956 as the first Japanese acrylic fiber manufacturer, was jointly established by TOYOBO Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
In Japan, the synthetic fiber industry has undergone massive changes, from early growth in the 1960s, to maturation in the 1970s, and to a revolutionary era in the 1980s. During all that time, we have focused our efforts on the development, accumulation, and deployment of new technologies, and established the international reputation of "Exlan® Acrylic", an intelligent material with unlimited adaptability beyond mere house articles and clothing materials.
In the 21st century, highly functional materials will be required to meet multiple and complex demands. In response to these varied and evolving needs, we set our sights on serving as internationally renowned acrylic professionals, and by supplying the intelligent material "Exlan® Acrylic.".